Sonny Houston, the visionary behind SDVISIONS, brought his brand to life back in 2016. He branched out from a one man wolf pack to a three-man crew. What started off as just shooting music videos, he manifested into a full video production company with clients in the music, beauty and entertainment industries and collaborations from local to larger scale. No idea is too big or small, nor client too bad or too boujie. 



Director, videographer and photographer extraordinaire

The SD in SDVISIONS and the man behind the vision. It all started with a GoPro recording his xtreme shenanigans and a dream. After trading that bad boy in for his first DSLR, he left the corporate world of 9-5's and never looked back. Sonny is known for his dope transitions, provocative color grading and creative hand-held angles. Just know you're in for a ride when you see the SDVISIONS logo anywhere near a video.



Co-Creative Direction, Client & Public Relations, Project Management

Shana is a Tucson-based food & lifestyle-focused videographer, digital content creator and aspiring web developer. Her early modeling and vlogging sparked her interest in being behind the camera and led her to pursue multimedia journalism. Her interests include creating in After Effects, her puppy Louie Valentino and eating beautifully plated meals for the 'gram. Find more of her work at shanashotthis.com and Tucsonfoodie.com.



Videographer and photographer young grasshoppa'

The California native has been a movie junkie since middle school. He developed his first film in his 6th grade Tech class, and was known for filming the school plays, performances and after school games. It was his first trip to Universal Studios that pushed him to pursue the world of film and television, and his enthusiastic learning and ever evolving skill set has brought him this far. Ever seen the red SDVISIONS whip rolling around? That's him.